IP CCTV Paisley

IP CCTV Paisley

Axis from Clyde Solutions

Axis Communications are the largest global manufacturer of IP CCTV Cameras and one of the leading lights in IP Security. They were the first company to develop an IP Camera in 1996 with the Axis Neteye 200.

Axis has now created an Open platform called VAPIX for its cameras. This allows 3rd party access to create applications that can run within the camera much like an iPhone. The available applications are growing with an active development community which will contribute to the Axis Eco-System.

High definition Future

Axis is the leading IP CCTV Camera Manufacturer for HD They currently have the widest range of HD Cameras on the market going from small scale to external PTZ applications. HD cameras allow far higher detail allowing clearer identification of suspects and further forensics details. They also cover a wider range than conventional image formats.

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