The increase of “Phone Snubbing”

26 March 2019

Most of us will admit to being tied to our mobile phones – people even take them into the bathroom with them or to bed at night and check when they wake in the early hours.  Another big problem that has come from our attachment to our devices is known as ‘phone snubbing’ and it is costing people marriages and relationships.

Phone Snubbing

Phone snubbing or ‘phubbing’ is when you are ignored by someone who is engrossed in their mobile phone.  Millennials are the worst with a survey from the Daily Mail showing that 57% of people aged 25-34 complaining of it affecting their romantic lives.  It is also tied up with ‘disloyal’ behaviour including inappropriate conversations with 11% of the people surveyed admitting to this within the age group.

The poll of some 2000 people found that mobile phones can lead to mistrust, suspicion and doubt, cause arguments and even lead to cheating on a partner.  But the biggest issue is that people spend more time on their mobile phone than with each other – as if it was a relationship in itself.

Over three-quarters of adults now own a mobile phone and we check it on average of every 12 minutes a day.  And phone snubbing doesn’t just happen at home – it happens in social situations too where people ignore others on a night out, during a meal or other gatherings.

Signs of phone snubbing include keeping conversations short as you are on your phone, always having your phone in your hand when you are with a partner and filling in conversation gaps by checking your phone.  And taking non-urgent calls when you are together is another big sign of a problem.

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