T-Mobile 5G Phones are Coming Soon

26 March 2019

In our ongoing aim to offer the best products and services to our customers, Clyde Solutions can confirm we will soon be offering T-Mobile 5G phones for our business customers, when available.  This well-known brand vanished from sight in the UK after it was merged with EE but continued to be a presence in the US and elsewhere.  Now business customers can look to choose a T-Mobile package for their needs.


But what are the benefits of T-Mobile?  While specific contracts will always show the specific terms, there are a few general benefits to T-Mobile phones that are often included in their contracts.  Hassle-free travel is one example, with unlimited data in over 140 countries and destinations around the world.  So if you travel outside the UK for business, your phone won’t cost you a fortune to ring home.

You can also make calls and texts from Wi-Fi connections so if you are located in an area with a less than amazing mobile network, you can use the landline in the business to conduct mobile calls.  You can also use the best Wi-Fi network available when you are travelling around to get the best signal.

The exact details of the new products will be confirmed in the near future, along with details of which handsets will operate on the network and what features are available.

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