Are Business Telephone Calls better than Email

25 February 2019

Because we are full of busy, it is often just easier to fire off an email to someone about something than it is to pick up the phone and make a call.  Some of us even find we communicate better in emails and written forms than verbally.  But are there situations where business telephone calls are better than email?

Business Calls v Email

One example is if you need to say sorry.  Mistakes happen, even if your company wasn’t entirely to blame and while an apology email does work, it is better to sometimes speak to someone and make that connection.

Another good situation is where you know there will be lots of questions.  This can take forever with email and even put clients off but by having a call where you can address each question in turn, you are more likely to keep them engaged.  Sure, you can email some details afterwards if you need to check anything or to confirm but that initial chat can make a big difference.

Complicated explanations can also work well over the phone, especially if someone is following a process.  How to and repair calls are often good examples where people only move to the next step when the previous one is done – and this can be hard to do via email.

In fact, any really important matter can be better handled by the phone rather than on email.  We still put value in speaking to someone, hearing their voice and reacting to their responses and there are lots of business situations where this still applies.

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