Why You Need a Mobile Booster

21 September 2018

If there’s one problem that drives consumers and businesses a little crazy, it is buffering internet connections.  When your mobile phone picks up a signal, your device displays the strength of this signal with bars on the screen, but it can’t do much to improve them and make the connection stronger and quicker.  This is why you need a mobile booster.

Mobile boosters have four parts – an external antenna, an internal antenna, a signal booster and a cable.  The external antenna detects mobile signals and amplifies them.  These are then sent to the internal antenna and rebroadcast into the home, office or a vehicle.

The systems are easy to install and to use.  One booster can work for a number of different networks, so you don’t need to worry if you swap to another provider to find a better deal.  And the improvement in mobile coverage means less chance of weak signals and dropped calls – particularly important for those client calls.

The booster system has also been shown to increase battery life and to allow uninterrupted browsing.  It improves upload and download speeds which means less time is spent waiting for processes to complete.  Finally, it means you can get better value for money by fully using your mobile phone contract and all of its features.

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