Hologram Phone Calls - Is it the future?

21 September 2018

The world of phone calls has changed dramatically in recent years.  Developments such as VOIP and the use of messaging apps mean that the number of traditional phone calls is lower than ever.  And it seems that the next advance is just around the corner with the announcement from Vodafone that they have carried out the UK’s first live hologram call.

With plans to launch 5G to a 1000 sites across the country by 2020, the possibility of hologram phone call is much more a reality than ever before.  The call went from the Manchester office of England Women’s Football captain Steph Houghton.  With 5G technology, she appeared as a 3D hologram on a stage 186 miles away in the company’s headquarters in Newbury where she talked to an 11 year old fan called Iris who was on the stage.

The demonstration shows that there’s definitely a case for those sci-fi films where people are in a room but only one of them is actually present!  And for businesses, it presents an impressive chance to offer a more personalised service that allows customers to see more, interact more and even tour business premises without leaving their own location.

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