Mac v. PC - which should you buy

28 March 2018

The PC has long been the centrepiece of most business operations but in recent years, Mac computers from Apple have gained a big following.  So, if you are due for an upgrade, how do you approach the Mac vs. PC – which should you buy question?

PCs once held the edge because of the range of software and products available for them.  But this has changed and many products (including Microsoft’s Office) can now be used on both.  This means that if you are on PC but want to consider a Mac, most of the software you use will still be available – although it is worth checking.

In terms of cost, Macs are more expensive.  A MacBook Pro costs up to £2000 while a similar PC from a brand such as Dell costs less than £1000.  And you can buy an entry-level PC for a few hundred pounds but there’s no comparatively priced Mac.  Macs do rank well for reliability and quality and often last longer than a comparative PC.  Support costs for both are similar.

While many of us will have learned on a PC, those who use Macs say that the user experience is much better – this is a huge focus for Apple.  Many people learn the Mac in very little time and find them enjoyable to work on.  But if you aren’t one for change, then sticking with a PC might be less stressful.

For most businesses, there’s little to sway either way.  Therefore, it is largely down to budget, time to learn new systems and the appeal of one over another to which is best.

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