Does Your Business Still Not Offer Customer Wi-Fi?

26 January 2018

Ask most customer what the two things they never leave home without and a very large percentage will say their purse or wallet and their smartphone.  Mobile phones have become an essential item that travels everywhere with us.  We use them for so many things and we also expect to get Wi-Fi wherever we go.  But what about in your business?  Does your business still not offer customer Wi-Fi?  If so, how easy is to this remedy and why should you do it?

The biggest reason for offering free Wi-Fi in your business premises is that it creates a positive impression with your customer.  Even if they are just popping in to grab a few items, if they can check their smartphone and get Wi-Fi signals while there are doing this, it creates a good impression.  They feel valued as a customer and that you want them to spend time in the store.

There are also benefits to the business.  In-store analytics has come a long way in recent years and uses anonymous data from cell phones to help you establish a better picture of what people do while in a store.  This can only be done with the Wi-Fi network in place.

For some types of businesses, you will attract more customers and they will spend more with you if you offer them free Wi-Fi.  Coffee shops are a perfect example – freelancers often sit there for hours, drinking coffee and using the free Wi-Fi to do their work, getting them out of the house for a while.  No free Wi-Fi – no freelancers.

If you are unsure how to offer this to your customers, don’t worry!  We can help.  Simply get in touch today and we can assess your business and see about setting up free Wi-Fi for your customers.

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