The Danger of Holiday Data Charges

23 February 2018

One of the big concerns when you went on holiday was what it would cost you to ring home or use the internet in another country.  In 2017, the EU abolished roaming charges for people using their mobile phones in different countries.  But sometimes this might not apply to older business mobile contracts.  And doesn’t apply outside the EU.  So, what do businesses need to be aware of with the danger of holiday data charges?

Data roaming is where you use a tablet or a phone on a mobile network other than the one you are signed up with.  This lets you search the internet, check Facebook or log into the company’s server from another location.  But there are often charges for this and they can be very high.

Some networks don’t charge too much but others can charge a lot more.  Cost can be as little as 79p a minute to ring from outside the UK from some countries to as high as £1.79 per minute from others (example from o2).  This means that if your business mobiles might be used outside the UK, you need to closely examine the contract you are taking and see what costs and limits are applied.

There are horror stories out there of people receiving bills in the thousands of mobile data roaming charges.  These are mostly for personal phones, but business mobiles can be just as vulnerable.  Clyde Solutions can help get the right business mobile contract for all your needs, including use outside the UK.

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