Broadband Speed - Why It’s Important

23 February 2018

Broadband has become an integral part of how many businesses go about their daily jobs.  From cloud-based software to telephone options and file transfers, there are lots of ways that a business uses broadband.  But why is broadband speed important?

One of the top reasons is due to those cloud software options.  There’s the need to access software quickly and efficiently to get jobs done within the business and if the speed of broadband connection isn’t good enough, this slows everything down.  It can even reduce the ability to use some software if it requires a speedy back and forth of data.

The speed of the connection is also tied up with the capacity of the network and how many people can work at once.  We’ve all been at home when everyone is on the internet at once and it all slows right down.  This isn’t something you want to experience when you are working because time is money for a company.

Flexible or remote working is something more companies are offering but if staff are logging into the network from outside the business premises, you need good broadband speed, or their work is slowed down.  They may even not be able to get anything done if the connection isn’t at the right speed.

A good, speedy network also allows you to consider options for landlines and telephony including VoIP systems.  This can save the business money and offer an improved call handling system for customers.

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