Advantages of Cloud Computing

23 February 2018

Many of us will remember the need for a big, awkward server in the business that stored all the important data.  It took up space, it often malfunctioned and there were lots of worries around it being secure.  But with the advent of cloud computing, servers have shrunk in size or vanished although from many businesses.  So what are the advantages of cloud computing that have made it so popular?

Cloud computing offers less operational issues than traditional computing.  Because the software runs on its own servers rather than those of the business, problems are handled at their end and the business simply makes use of the software over the internet.  Most of the time, the businesses using the software have no idea there was a problem because the operator spotted it and dealt with it.

Cloud computing options are also more cost-effective.  You pay for access to the software rather than buying the entire thing.  You can pay for what you need and stop it if situations change and you no longer require it.  And there is no need to have costly servers or equipment to operate the software as it works over the internet.

Finally, cloud computing makes collaboration and flexible working easier.  Because the software isn’t housed in the business but on the internet, staff can access through their own computer or smartphone and work in different locations.  It makes it easier for teams around the world to work together and all share the sale files, software and even chat together on cloud-based video conference software.

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