Is Your Business Data Secure?

26 August 2018

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear some horror story about a business who have been hacked, had their customer data stolen or admit to some other type of cybercrime.  And while there’s no way to 100% guarantee the safety of business data, there are some areas that are most likely to be letting you down.

One mistake business make is that they think to are too small to hack.  Small businesses, self-employed people, start-ups, they all think that hackers won’t worry about them because they aren’t worth it compared to multi-million-pound companies.  Sadly this isn’t true and because of this perception, companies often don’t protect themselves enough.

Trying to do it all in-house can be another problem.  Companies think they get the idea of cybersecurity and can handle it themselves.  And in some cases, they can but in most cases, this isn’t really the case.  Outsourcing the right expert can increase business data security and protect the company comprehensively.

Assuming systems work is another problem.  Because there was a backup done last week, everything is good.  But was it a full backup that covers all the systems of the business or just a surface one collecting stuff that had changed?  And how easy is it to access that backup and use it if there is a problem?  Running scenarios and tests is critical for business data security.

Running non-business devices can be a weak spot – the whole ‘bring your own device’ might save the company some money on smartphones and tablets but can make the whole system very vulnerable.  Not everyone will have the same security on their devices as the business does and can be a gateway into the system.

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