IT Security Challenges in 2018?

22 December 2017

This year has been filled with stories of companies having problems with their IT security and experts say that there’s no sign that 2018 will be any different.  This means companies need to take a careful look at all aspects of their cybersecurity for the coming year but what are the biggest IT security challenges in 2018?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one big area of concern.  More and more businesses are beginning to use these devices in the workplace and there are concerns about the security of them.  For example, how easy is it for data to leave the premises through an IoT device?  And can these devices be used to access information held within the business premises?

Supply chain vulnerabilities have been around for a while but the highlight for this coming year is on the IT side of things.  Sensitive information is often shared with suppliers but there is a risk that this information can be accessed and stolen during the transfer.  Obviously, it is important to look at the IT security of the supplier to make sure it is similar to your own.

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will come in during early 2018 and this could affect many businesses even after Brexit.  There is new emphasis on understanding personal data at all points and how it is being managed and protected that could mean businesses need to reassess their IT security in light of these new regulations.

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