Storm in an IT Cup

05 December 2013

I’ve braved the scotstorm to make it into work today, luckily I live within walking distance from the office and was even luckier to get a lift to work.

But many people who travel by train or via motorways have been left frustrated as they can’t make it into the office today.

Many people don’t have access to their diaries or have the ability to access their CRM systems to contact customers to let them know they won’t be available today.

Did you know just how easy to is to unify your communications so that you can be working from your iPad on the couch in your onesie but have all the functionality as if you are sat at your desk on your desktop PC and Avaya IP office handset?

Avaya Flare allows you to work anywhere via Wi-Fi or 3G. Install is as easy as downloading the app from iTunes and providing the session manager IP address, domain, enterprise directory and you are ready to go.

Avaya Flare allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive emails and access all of your contacts.

Weather proof your business so the next time there is adverse weather (or even for the days its more convenient for you to work elsewhere) there’s no downtime or effect to your customers.

Contact us for more information or for advice how you can access Avaya Flare.


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