Top Tips on How to Avoid Data Roaming Charges When Abroad

08 February 2013

Taking your phone abroad?

Top Tips for avoiding huge data roaming charges

You may have heard horror stories about users running up bills of thousands whilst using their iphone or android phones abroad.

Here's our top tips to make you a smart user on your smartphone whilst abroad.

  1. Use Wi-Fi where possible only browse or download when using your phone’s Wi-Fi connection. Users are not billed for data downloaded over Wi-Fi. The only charge might be if a particular Wi-Fi hotspot charges for access, and you should be informed of that before you can start using the connection. Check your settings, ensure that your Data Roaming and Mobile Data is switched off.
  2. Get a data bundle, You can sign up to a flat-rate or capped data package (aka Bolt On or Add On), where you pay a fixed amount each month for using the mobile internet. Contact us to find out details of costs.
  3. Be careful of downloads, an attachment to an email could use lots of data. try to download only when connected to Wi-Fi.
  4. RELAX, unless your are on a business trip, do you really need to access your emails, twitter and facebook? We can arrange to have your calls diverted to the office instead so you could switch of your phone and enjoy your time abroad.

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